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This is the long-awaited sequel to the first episode of The Poytcast on How to Speak Badette to brighten up your Sunday morning!

Here's what to expect:

* Pantene Party and what you missed

* Recap of Episode 1 (poor, lose and win)

* Unit Number #2: Using Celebrity Names to Elongate Words

Vocabulary words: 1. Ba 2. Haggard 3. Sindi

Don't ask me where the heck this Badette Speak / Gay Lingo thing came from because I dunno either. Plus, I am not gay. :) I am just a supporter of the cause. Okay, go listen now. It's a very short podcast, just trying to test the waters first.

Vocabulary words:

1. poor

2. lose

3. win

Click here to be redirected to my real blog LOL - The POYTcast: Badette Speak ep #1


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